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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Testosterone and Bone Health

It has become evident that there is a significant connection between male osteoporosis and low testosterone levels. Many are aware that women are far more likely to develop osteoporosis but few know that one of the leading causes of osteoporosis in men is low testosterone.

What is osteoporosis anyway?

It literally means porous bones. If your bone density is 2.5 standard deviations (or more) less than a healthy young adult of your gender then you would be said to have osteoporosis. It makes your bones far more susceptible to breaking if you fall. It is common in older folks and much rarer in young adults. Osteopenia is the stage that occurs right before osteoporosis and means that your bone density has begun to deteriorate and become more porous.

Does Testosterone and Estrogen affect Bone density?

Studies have shown that men with testosterone deficiency who had osteoporosis showed an improvement of their osteoporosis when given testosterone replacement therapy. It is common among doctors to check levels of testosterone if a male patient has osteoporosis because that is usually the root cause. Additionally, all men have a small amount of estrogen that also plays a vital role in building bone density. Without either of these hormones, bone health will not last long.

Are there any preventive measures?

Overtime testosterone levels will decrease. The longer you live the worse your bones will get. Brittle bones heal with great difficulty when the patient is old. So is there any way to prevent male osteoporosis?
1.    Keep an eye on your testosterone levels after the age of 40.
2.    Eat foods rich in calcium and vitamin D everyday and exercise.
3.    Another reason to stop smoking! Nicotine in cigarettes directly harms bone cells.
4.    Ask your doctor if any of the medication you are taking will affect your bone density and what you can do about that.

If your testosterone levels are just lower than normal, you can ask your doctor about taking a natural testosterone booster like Ageless Male that contains Testofen, an extract from the fenugreek herb. This product has received great feedback. Ageless Male reviews are out there for everyone to see because it has helped support healthy testosterone levels as well as build muscle, increase libido and help stay energized. Since it is derived from nature, there are no side-effects but it’s always a good idea to ask your physician before taking any supplement regularly.

I already have osteoporosis, what can I do?

Find out is low testosterone is a reason for your condition. If so then your doctor might recommend testosterone replacement therapy. You can also ask him or her about taking a natural supplement and whether that will boost your bone health as it boosts your testosterone levels.

Prevention is always better so we hope that this article makes you more aware of the effects low testosterone can have on bones. If you start taking care of your bones early in life, it will make the senior years fuller and easier.

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