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Thursday, November 1, 2012

10 Foods That Can Help Boost Your Testosterone Levels

If you’re trying to increase your testosterone levels, here are 10 foods that will help you.


1.   Beans

The mineral zinc that beans contain has been known to increase testosterone levels and the lack of zinc has been shown to reduce testosterone levels in men. Beans are an overall healthy food and that’s why they’re a part of almost every country’s staple foods.

2.   Egg Whites

Egg whites contain D-aspartic acid which has been should to boost the hormone (luteinizing hormone) that tells the body to up the production of testosterone. So eating more egg whites is great for testosterone but also good for weight loss and cholesterol control.

3.   Meat

Men crave meat for a reason. Red meat especially is high in fat and low in fiber. If you want your body to produce more testosterone, eating a diet rich in red meat is actually better than eating a fiber high diet. Additionally research shows that eating chicken (or a bucket of KFC) after a vigorous work out might be the best thing for your testosterone levels. Since you eating high fat foods are good for testosterone production, make sure you get to do vigorous exercise for at least 20 minutes, 4 times a week.

4.   Broccoli and family

Since research conducted in 1997, we know that all the vegetables in the broccoli family, like cabbage and cauliflower are good for you especially when you’re trying to increase testosterone levels. These humble vegetables help take up the excess estrogen in your body and allow more testosterone to be produced.


5.   Garlic

Just like egg whites garlic contains diallyl disulphide which is a compound found in garlic that ups the release of luteinizing hormone which then increases the production of testosterone. The study was performed on rats in 2001 so garlic might have a testosterone boosting effect on humans too.

6.   Fenugreek: You might not have heard of it but Fenugreek is an herb. Ageless Male supplement contains the extract of Fenugreek herb called Testofen that promotes healthy testosterone levels in men. Read more reviews of Ageless Male for other benefits of this supplement.

7.   Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes, carrots and pumpkins are great sources of vitamin A. Although the relationship between testosterone and Vitamin A is not fully understood, some research has indicated that increasing the intake of vitamin A also significantly raises testosterone levels.

8.   Mushrooms

Mushrooms like milk contain Vitamin D. It has been suggested that Vitamin D helps improve testosterone levels in men. According to a study conducted in 2010, found that Vitamin D deficient men also had lower testosterone levels than men with normal levels of Vitamin D.

9.   Fish
Fish not only contain those great omega 3 fatty acids but also prevents sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG) from binding to testosterone. It makes testosterone available to be used.


Many of the foods listed here are and should be part of any balanced diet and we hope that you can incorporate them into your diet for a healthy future. 


  1. Great post, useful information. Aprart form from food what are the other organic factors to improve Testosterone.

  2. Great post, useful information. Aprart form from food what are the other organic factors to improve Testosterone.

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