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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Age well with Ageless Male

It’s always said that men age better than women. For the most part that is true—men can have wise attractive eyes even if they are wrinkled while wrinkly eyes on women are usually not considered a good thing. From the perspective of how your body is doing under your skin though, age takes its toll on men and women equally. One of the many problems aging men might face is low testosterone. It often goes unnoticed but silently affects overall health.

What would it feel like to have low testosterone levels?

·         If you have low testosterone, you would feel like you began the day with no energy and even if you didn’t do anything you’d still be very tired. Fatigue is a symptom of low testosterone.
·         Another symptom is decreased libido. Older men think that feeling tired and feeling a lack of sexual desire are completely normal for men their age but that is not true. Millions of men actually have low testosterone that can be easily remedied.
·         If you lost muscle mass steadily over a period of time, you might have low testosterone. It is common knowledge that some athletes and body-builders take heavy manufactured testosterone supplements to enhance muscle development. That is why having low testosterone will make you lose muscle mass.
·         If left unattended, low testosterone also affects your bones and makes them more susceptible to breakage—a condition call osteoporosis, “porous bones”.

The difficulty with low testosterone is that its symptoms are easily masked in older men. So if you have even a shadow of a doubt that you might have low testosterone, getting a blood test is the easiest and safest way to either rule it out or work on it.

How can you boost your testosterone levels?

There are various foods you can eat that naturally boost your testosterone levels. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cabbage have high levels of anti-oxidants and other active ingredients that help increase testosterone levels. Eating a diet that’s high in protein and low in fat is a good for healthy testosterone levels. Fat free diets are not recommended for men. Although keep in mind that changing your diet drastically in any way might affect other health conditions you have like heart disease. Foods high in protein tend to be high in cholesterol which is good for testosterone but bad for the heart. A good physician will be able to guide you in the right direction.

How do supplements like Ageless Male help?

Talking about going in the right direction, supplements like Ageless Male contain all natural testosterone boosters. Ageless Male is clinically researched and based on that research they found that one of the natural testosterone boosters is the extract of fenugreek herb, called Testofen. That is the primary ingredient in Ageless Male but it also contains B6 which keeps you energized all day. Many testimonials of Ageless Male are available to read online but as we have said before ask your doctor first.

Aging well means recognizing that your body is limited is what it can do but that does not mean you give up. Find out if you have low testosterone and work on regulating your testosterone levels so that you can enjoy a full life to the end. 

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