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Monday, December 17, 2012

Bone Loss in Men Linked to Low Testosterone

Not much is said about bone health related to men but the truth is it is a public health concern especially as we consider the life expectancy of men continues to rise. The implications of bone loss are significant to both men and women. Bone loss results in weakening of the skeletal structure; the bones become porous and prone to fracture.
The dangerous thing about bone loss is that you never know if it is happening. It is a silent disease. The body produces bone mass and removes old bone mass. During childhood, bone formation is faster than bone removal. In contrast to women whose estrogen levels drop rapidly during menopause, men experience a slow, steady decline of bone mass. The rate of bone removal becomes faster than the rate of bone formation when men reach the senior years of their lives. By the age of 65 and 70, however, both men and women lose bone mass at the same rate.
The causes of bone loss in men are multiple ranging from medication, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and thyroid problems to low testosterone levels. Testosterone, the male hormone, is not only responsible for male characteristics and attributes, but plays an important role in bone health. It is said that 12 million men are at risk of bone loss and fractures related to low bone density. The most common reason for low bone density in men is low testosterone levels. A small amount of testosterone is converted to estrogen to build bone mass. If this conversion does not happen, bone health will suffer. There are certain medications that may affect testosterone production in men. In such cases, bone health may be affected too.
In such cases, you can boost testosterone levels with an herbal testosterone booster like Ageless Male. You might such products are a scam, but Ageless Male scam is not true since the ingredients are supported by science. Testofen, the main ingredient, is a standardized extract of fenugreek seeds which has been clinically proven to boost the libido and elevate testosterone levels to within a healthy range. If you experience tiredness, fatigue, are losing muscle mass, or your libido is not as it used to be, consider taking a natural supplement to boost testosterone. This product has been used by thousands of men and any Ageless Male testimonial can show you what users have experienced. Most of them agree that after using the product they now have increased energy and libido drive, as well as healthy testosterone levels.
Men, if you are over 40 get a bone density test done. If your bone density is less than normal, check your testosterone levels. To support healthy testosterone levels, take a nutritional supplement that contains Testofen, zinc and other vitamins.


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