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Monday, January 28, 2013

The Heart of Testosterone

Thousands of men across America take a variety of testosterone boosters or supplements for a variety of reasons. Many of them don’t even consult a doctor before flooding their bodies with this hormone. Testosterone is a powerful hormone like all the other hormones. Too much testosterone can cause aggression, acne and other distressful symptoms while too little testosterone can leave a man depressed and weak. When average men take natural testosterone supplements like Ageless Male, many benefits are experienced. Some of them are:

·         Muscle mass: The number one reason most men take testosterone supplements is to increase their muscle mass. Testosterone supplements help build more muscle and also increase stamina while lifting. Younger men who want to body build and older men who might be losing muscle with age could both benefit by taking testosterone. But remember the dosage should always be monitored by a physician.

·         Libido: Men who want to experience a better intimacy often take testosterone supplements to improve libido. Testosterone levels are known to gradually decrease with age. If you read Ageless Male testimonials, you’ll see that many middle-aged men have felt young again with the help of fenugreek seed extract that Ageless Male contains.

·         Energy: Testosterone helps keep the body’s metabolism up and running. A slight increase in testosterone will also give you more energy to get more done in the same 24 hours.

·         Increased testosterone levels: Some men suffer from very low testosterone levels and find themselves gaining weight, losing muscle and energy. They need these testosterone supplements to help them meet their daily testosterone requirements.

Besides all these great things testosterone can do for you, research has shown that testosterone also affects the heart. What are some ways testosterone interacts with the heart?
1.      Prevents atherosclerosis: Some research has shown that testosterone helps HDL (good cholesterol) to remove the cholesterol that sticks to and accumulates in the inner wall of an artery. It also helps carry it to the liver for proper disposal. So testosterone helps HDL to clear the path for blood to flow unhindered.
2.      Low testosterone increases cardiac risk: If you think about it low testosterone has been linked to obesity, diabetes and some propose that men with very low levels of testosterone often have high cholesterol. Obesity, diabetes and cholesterol that are all linked to low testosterone are also risk factors for heart disease. While this is an oversimplification of the relationship between testosterone and the heart, it is safe to say that adequate amounts of testosterone are necessary for the heart to function optimally.

It’s interesting that this one hormone has so many different uses in the human body. The benefits of testosterone go far beyond this article. The human body is so complex and there are so many factors that are dependent on one another that the research will never end. So the take home message is: Consider whether you really need testosterone supplements. If you do find a good brand of natural testosterone supplement that your doctor approves of see the difference it will make.


  1. Natural Testosterone supplements help build more muscle and also increase stamina while lifting. But remember one thing the dosage should always be monitored by a physician.

  2. Ageless Male Reviews - A direct association between testosterone and heart disease has never been established, but for many years, doctors have suspected that a link exists.

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