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Monday, February 25, 2013

Of Meat and Men and Testosterone

From ages past meat has been associated with manliness. The process of hunting, roasting and then eating large amounts of meat has become an important part of many cultures. Men from diverse cultures can find common ground over food which is usually meat. It helps men bond like nothing else can. But what we’re going to discuss more today is not just the love that men have for meat but also why they love it from the perspective of testosterone.

So how do meat and testosterone connect?

Meat naturally boosts the body’s production of testosterone in 2 significant ways:

1.      It provides cholesterol:

Cholesterol is the building block for testosterone. That means the testosterone in a man’s blood usually started off as a cholesterol molecule first. The lower the cholesterol levels the lower testosterone levels. This doesn’t mean simply eating high-cholesterol foods will increase your testosterone. There are many other factors and eating too much cholesterol will only increase risk of heart disease. That’s why men are advised to eat lean meat.

2.      It provides zinc:

Zinc is so significant in testosterone production. Some studies have shown that low testosterone levels can be directly linked to a zinc deficiency. Additionally zinc supplementation helps bump up testosterone levels. Meat is full of zinc, so why wouldn’t men love it!

There are many other ways you can naturally boost your testosterone levels. Supplements like Ageless Male are one the safest ways because it takes ingredients from nature that boost testosterone. According to review of Ageless Male, it contains extract of fenugreek seed that has been studied quite extensively.
Now at this point you might be wondering why you need to boost your testosterone levels in the first place. Here are some reasons:

1.      Some men need more testosterone because they naturally have problems synthesizing testosterone. These can be young men too but generally older men begin to gradually drop in testosterone levels.

2.      Some men are experiencing changes because their testosterone levels are not what they used to be in their teen years. Having a good amount of testosterone in your system will help improve libido, muscle mass, reduce fatigue and even keep moodiness at bay. It helps concentration as well according to some studies. Who knew that one hormone could have such far-reaching effects. Testosterone makes men feel better overall and that’s another reason they love meat.

So men love meat not just because it tastes so good but also because it helps boost their manliness by boosting testosterone levels. The protein in meat additionally helps build muscle but as I’ve said earlier, try to eat as much lean meat as possible. Eating poultry is a good way to eat mostly lean meat. Remember that the healthiest diets are well-balanced and you do need to eat more than 5 servings of fruits and vegetable every day.
Finally, if you’re a vegetarian, that’s ok but you’ll need to eat a lot of beans and eggs and supplements to make up for the zinc and cholesterol your body needs. It’s not impossible but you have to make a conscious effort to keep those testosterone levels flying high.

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