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Sunday, March 31, 2013

7 Undeniable Effects of Testosterone

The male hormone Testosterone is responsible for a lot of the characteristics that we think are manly. Whether or not our stereotypes of men are accurate, there are some undeniable effects that testosterone has on the male body.

1.      Memory: While the relationship between being able to remember things better and testosterone is not quite understood, there is no denying that there is a connection there. When men have consistently lower levels of testosterone cognitive function decreases. Testosterone naturally decreases with age and so does memory but that is not sufficient to connect the two, more research is underway.

2.      Concentration: Ever find yourself drifting right at the time you want to concentrate. Something always distracts you. You might need to find a quiet place, free of distractions and be determined to get work done or you might have lower than adequate testosterone levels. Higher testosterone levels are somewhat associated with being able to concentrate. Of course lack of concentration might just be something you struggle with but the right levels of testosterone do improve concentration.

3.      Mood: Studies have shown that men who have significantly lower levels of testosterone are more prone to be depressed. That means that testosterone affects the minds of men just as much as it affects their bodies. Certain foods help increase testosterone levels and eating them more can help make men feel stable emotionally.

4.      Heart: Who would have thought that testosterone and the heart are related in any way? The fact is that poor heart health and low testosterone levels often go together. What kind of relationship these two share is complicated. Eating foods that improve testosterone levels might involve eating foods that are bad for the heart and that’s something to keep in mind. Don’t buy too much red meat but not too little either. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables needs to be part of an all-round healthy diet.

5.      Hair: Puberty is that time when testosterone levels spike and so does hair in places it never grew before. You’ll be surprised to know that the same hormone is sometimes responsible for hair loss!

6.      Libido: Testosterone fuels the many changes that take place at puberty and it is also responsible for improving libido. Higher testosterone levels have been seen to produce a greater libido while lower levels show a distinct loss of libido. The relationship is not as complex as the others.

7.      Muscle: Thousands of men invest in testosterone supplements in order to get buff. Testosterone does help increase muscle mass even though the safety of such supplements is very controversial. Eating a diet that increases your testosterone levels will help you gain muscle. Interestingly, rigorous exercise itself helps increase testosterone levels.

            These 7 undeniable testosterone benefits are the reason why, maintaining adequate testosterone levels is so important. While most testosterone supplements are not recommended, natural supplements like Ageless Male that contains extract of fenugreek seed are great. If you read more Ageless Male reviews, you’ll find that they boost testosterone levels in the body without exceeding healthy limits. You get all the benefits without the side-effects. With exercise, diet and a natural supplement, you will be left feeling invigorated.

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