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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Exercise for Men in their Fifties

Work hard and retire well is the motto many men live by. The problem is that they often neglect fitness in the work hard stage of life and find themselves retired or close to retirement and completely out of shape. This article will show you that there is hope even for men who have lived a sedentary lifestyle for decades. To fully enjoy your retirement years, you have to have a good level of fitness and here are some tips. But before we get into how to get fit, you need to note how aging affects the whole work-out experience.

The Age Effect on Exercise:
·         Testosterone: As men age testosterone levels drop. This is natural and while it’s usually nothing to be worried about, it does slow down the process of building muscle. It also decreases stamina and motivation to some extent. It’s helpful to know that so that when your body does want to quit, you can press on. If you want to take testosterone supplements, taking natural testosterone supplements is recommended. They use substances that have been seen to boost testosterone levels like the extract of fenugreek seed in Ageless Male supplement. It is one of the safest testosterone boosting options. If you read in Ageless Male reviews, you’ll be surprised how effective it is.
·         Medical History: If you have heart disease, there might be certain exercises you cannot do. Many different diseases put restrictions on your workout program. Under no circumstances should the doctor’s advice be neglected. It might take you longer to get fit but you can enjoy it.

In your Fifties
·         Cardio:
o   Depending on your fitness levels you can start off at beginner, intermediate or advanced levels of doing the cardio-vascular exercises you love. Playing soccer, basketball or racquetball does not go out of style. If you really don’t know what to start doing, start walking. Walking is one of the easiest and best forms of cardio.
o   Every other day 30 minutes of cardio where you’re pushing yourself is sufficient. If you’re going at a comfortable pace, you could do 60 minutes.

·         Weight-training:

o   While you’re still in your fifties, this is the last chance you get to really push yourself and do an intense work-out. Start small with light weights and work your way up doing 30 minutes of moderate lifting every other day.
o   The rest is just as important as the work out.
o   Stretching before and after is not optional.
o   If you join a gym or fitness club, you can get help making a schedule to train different parts of the body on different days of the week so that you get a complete work-out.
This is the best time to rethink your diet. Eating more fruits, vegetables and lean meats will help you gain muscle faster and reduce other health risks too. Find a good fitness program that you can follow and start small. Enjoy the work-out and how it changes your body so that you can keep doing the things you love.

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