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Friday, March 29, 2013

Learn to Safely Boost Testosterone Levels

The market for testosterone boosters and supplements has been booming for a while. Even though experts do not recommend many of these boosters and supplements, the supply and demand for these products is high. Men should think twice about what these substances are doing to their bodies before any permanent damage occurs.

Where does testosterone come from?
            Surprise! Your body makes its own testosterone.  Yes, a part of the cholesterol that men and women eat goes through a string of reactions in your body and eventually you have enough testosterone to meet your daily needs. The production of this hormone is regulated by other hormones and they tell your body how much testosterone it needs to make.

Do you need to boost your testosterone levels?
Most men have the wrong reasons for boosting testosterone:
·         While testosterone does help increase muscle mass, it was not designed to be pumped into your body to help you buff up.
·         Older men think of testosterone as a fountain of youth. The process of aging is natural and simply taking one hormone is not going to change that in the long run. It is quite alright for older men to seek to increase their testosterone levels safely but thinking that taking a high dose of testosterone will make you feel 19 again is a flawed notion.

Some men need to increase their testosterone levels:
·         Men who cannot synthesize testosterone in adequate amounts.
·         Men who have lost the ability to produce enough testosterone due to age or accident.
·         Men who just want to increase their testosterone levels within safe limits.

How can you increase your levels of testosterone?
1.      Supplements: Taking supplements or boosters is very common.
a.       Conventional: Conventional supplements help boost testosterone levels by increasing levels of Androstenedione (andro) and or Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). Some also work by decreasing the amount of estrogen. It’s easy to take too much of these without realizing the side-effects you’re going to face in the future. While they are effective in building muscle, they are bad for the heart and might inhibit your body’s ability to produce testosterone naturally.
b.       Natural: Natural testosterone boosters are preferred over conventional ones because they have far fewer side-effects (if any at all). Additionally, men can experience an increase in their testosterone levels without getting an over-dose of this powerful hormone. Supplements like Ageless Male that contain fenugreek seed extract are effective in increasing the amount of free testosterone in healthy men. You can read the research in the reviews of Ageless Male. It helps improve muscle mass, energy (because it contains B6) and libido. Seek out these natural supplements that gently but effectively boost testosterone levels. 

2.      Exercise and Diet: In addition to natural supplements, another way to safely boost your testosterone levels is by altering your diet and exercise routine.
a.       Eat a good amount of lean meat, unless you have heart problems.
b.      A rigorous work out actually increases your testosterone levels naturally. Lifting weights is especially effective.

So the safest ways to boost your levels of testosterone are by researching foods that help your body make more testosterone, pumping iron and taking natural supplements.

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