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Friday, March 1, 2013

Age-related Hormonal Changes in Men

As men age, the levels of free testosterone in their blood begin to drop at the rate of 1% every year. This decline typically begins after a man reaches 30. Most men experience a gradual decline in their hormonal balance, but it may catch some men unawares, and this sudden shift in hormonal levels can ruin their everyday life. Low testosterone, also referred to as andropause or male menopause isn’t as clear cut in men as it is in women. Hence, for most men, signs of testosterone deficiency are also confused with signs of aging, as these usually occur when a man is in his forties.

Dwindling levels of testosterone due to advancing age can cause a number of signs, such as:
·         Diminishing libido and impotence
·         Low sperm count
·         Reduced muscle mass
·         Weight gain
·         Reduced energy
·         Brittle bones
·         Disturbed sleep pattern
·         Anxiety and depression
·         Impaired memory

Reinstating the body’s natural hormonal levels is the best way to overcome these age-related changes we go through. The best way to do this is to follow a healthy lifestyle. Eat well. Your body needs fats (read healthy fats) to produce more testosterone. Stock up on walnuts, almonds, beef, chicken, eggs, salmon, olive oil and avocados to increase your dietary fat. Work out. Nothing buffs up testosterone like lifting weights. Join a gym. Do aerobic exercises thrice a week and lift weights on the remaining days. It’ll tone up your muscles and sagging belly and get rid of a few pounds too.

Many men use testosterone replacement therapy in the form of gels, transdermal patches, shots, and pills to overcome hormonal imbalance. One of the best testosterone boosters available out there is Ageless Male. Its primary ingredient is fenugreek seed extract that revives the body’s natural testosterone production. Zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6 are the other star ingredients that improve sexual and reproductive health and improve energy metabolism and build muscles. Don’t fall for Ageless Male scam reviews – all these ingredients are scientifically proven and devoid of side effects.

And then there are some don’ts you need to adhere to. Don’t drink in excess. Limit your consumption to two glasses a day. Quit smoking.And then there’s stress that can accelerate testosterone deficiency. Stress releases cortisol, a hormone that’s rightly dubbed as testosterone’s antagonist. So, in one word – de-stress. Take up yoga, meditation, or any activity that decreases your stress levels. Join a book club or catch up with friends as often as possible. You need to keep yourself occupied in activities that’ll keep stress and anxiety at bay.

Remember that your metabolism changes as you grow older. What worked for you a decade back might not show the same results now. If low testosterone is becoming a matter of concern, don’t hesitate talking to your doctor. Appropriate use of dietary supplements, well-balanced diet, and adequate exercise hold the key to good health and a long and happy life!

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