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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Testosterone Supplements and You

Often testosterone boosters are taken by body-builders for the sole purpose of gaining muscle. Athletes use testosterone to be able to work out longer and harder. Many of the testosterone supplements or boosters they use are artificial and boost testosterone levels way over the healthy limits. There are millions of these products floating about because marketers know that there is they can sell almost anything with a pretty label. Here we want to answer some basic questions like: What is testosterone? What is a natural testosterone supplement? Should the non-athlete think about testosterone supplements?

What is testosterone?
· Testosterone is a hormone. At puberty, testosterone plays a key role in giving teenage boys manly characteristics like facial hair and a deeper voice. Testosterone might be more noticeable at puberty but it is an essential part of every day for adult men as well. It allows the body to have enough energy, build more muscle and increase libido.
· While many take testosterone supplement what you may not know is the human body is able to produce its own testosterone. Usually cholesterol is converted into testosterone. That is why, diets that are rich in lean red meat and eggs (rich in cholesterol) are bad for heart disease, but are good for testosterone levels.

What is a natural testosterone supplement?
Supplements that are an amalgamation of different plant extracts alone are called natural testosterone supplements. There are a handful of plant extracts that have had significant success in boosting testosterone levels up to healthy limits. These extracts usually come alongside the body’s testosterone producing mechanism and lend a helping hand. They increase the free testosterone levels.

Should the non-athlete think about testosterone supplements?
If you’re not an athlete why would you need or want testosterone supplements? You might not know this but past the age of 30 testosterone levels in many men begin to decline. If you’re experiencing the following symptoms, it might be time to get a blood test done for testosterone levels.
· Constant fatigue
· Loss of muscle
· Lowered libido
· Depression
· Mood-swings
· Weight gain

Men who have low testosterone often chalk up these symptoms to mere old age. But that only worsens the condition. If left unattended, low testosterone levels can make bones porous, a condition called osteoporosis. Low testosterone also makes you more susceptible to being over-weight. Having low testosterone as you grow older just steals the joy of life away. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on your testosterone levels and how natural supplements can help you.
One such natural supplement that has received very positive reviews of Ageless Male. Ageless Male supplement contains an extract from ripe fenugreek seeds called Testofen and has been clinically shown to increase levels of free testosterone in healthy men.
You might not need testosterone supplements yet but it’s good to know what the best products are and why. It’s also good to be prepared to tell others to check their testosterone levels so that everyone can live a normal healthy life for years to come.


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