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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Main Types of T-Boosters

Standing alone in a store and staring at a line of ‘new’, ‘amazing’, ‘life-changing’ testosterone boosters can be very confusing. So we hope to provide a grid for you to think through testosterone boosters and give you a few tools to make a more informed decision.

Main Types of T-boosters
This is the way most people classify testosterone boosters. They are differentiated by what they do in the body.
Class 1: This group of testosterone boosters works directly. It uses herbs and minerals to naturally boost testosterone levels. It’s that plain and simple. Different herbs have varying effects on each individual.
Class 2: This group of testosterone boosters helps decrease the levels of estrogen which is a hormone. This hormone counteracts the effects of testosterone and reducing it automatically enhances the effects of the testosterone in the body without altering the actual amount of testosterone itself.
Class 3: This group of testosterone boosters works indirectly. It keeps the levels of all the nutrients required for adequate testosterone production in check so that nothing hinders the natural production of testosterone. It ensures that the whole system is working together to increase testosterone production.
One popular natural testosterone supplement that men all over America are taking is called Ageless Male. It uses extract from the fenugreek herb that has been clinically shown to increase levels of free testosterone. In Ageless Male testimonials you can read what real men have said about this product and whether it helped them.

Testosterone boosters and safety
There are broadly three reasons why men use testosterone boosters. The first is to increase muscle mass. The second to increase libido and the third is to overcome low testosterone. Men with low testosterone experience annoying and sometimes painful symptoms like low libido, lack of energy and loss of muscle. Men with low testosterone should consult a physician before taking any supplements but here are some safety tips about testosterone boosters:
1.      Follow the instructions on the product. Don’t skip around and miss days. Testosterone is a powerful hormone and playing with these boosters can really be detrimental to your health.
2.      Double check with your doctor if it is alright to take testosterone boosters if you have had problems with your prostate.
3.      Be careful not to take any booster that claims to boost your testosterone levels way over the necessary amount. You don’t need that much and it can do more harm than good.

Nature’s testosterone boosting trifecta:
1.      Eating red meat—meat not only contains protein but also cholesterol which is necessary for testosterone production.

2.      Exercising for 30 minutes—it is important to get your blood flowing in a good work-out. It will help boost testosterone levels as well.

3.      Sleeping for 8 hours—your body and mind recover from a hard day, not by partying hard but by sleeping well. Try to get a solid 8 or a minimum of 7 hours of pillow time every night and see how your body will thank you for it. Studies show that sleeping well might help you live longer too.  

Hopefully this has made things a little clearer and you’re ready to read the supplement reviews and testimonies that help you decide which product to choose and whether you need it at all.

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