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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Common Male Health Risks

Men are notorious for neglecting their health. For the most part of their lives, men eat what they want, when they want it and seem to face no consequences for it. What they do not realize is that this youthful freedom has a heavy price-tag to pay as they get older. The consequences of all your health habits seem to catch up with you when you’re older but it’s not too late to change! You can break the bad habits and replace them with a better lifestyle. Let’s look at the 4 most common health risks for men and what you can do to prevent them even now.

1.      Prostate Cancer: The #1 cancer among men and one that often goes undetected is prostate cancer. Early detection makes treatment far more effective. That’s why men need to get annual prostate examinations after age 40. Eating well and exercising are the best ways to ward off prostate cancer.

2.      Low Testosterone: Testosterone naturally decreases with age and that is not a disease because it does not drop below the minimum levels. For some men, testosterone levels do drop too much and this causes marked changes in body structure, libido and mood. Sometimes testosterone replacement therapy is advised. But you can keep your testosterone levels up by taking natural supplements like Ageless Male that contains the extract of the fenugreek seed called Testofen. Many Ageless Male testimonials have found this to be effective in increasing levels of free testosterone.

3.      Heart Disease: Another disease that is affected by your diet and exercise plan is heart disease. While it can be genetic, men who eat more grains and lean meat are less likely to develop it. Smoking is a habit you must do away with for better heart health. Smoking reduces your ability to do enough exercise and endangers the heart in many ways.

4.      Colon Cancer: Like prostate cancer, early detection of colon cancer can leave the patient cancer-free. Screening for this cancer should begin at age 50. Doing a little research into colon-friendly foods might pay off well in the future.

Habits that are hurting your health
·         Smoking
·         Drinking
·         Working out less than 3 times a week
·         Eating fast food often
·         Drinking soda often
·         Eating processed food often
·         Never getting a physical evaluation or general health check-up

Habits that can help improve your health
·         Working out 4 times a week
·         Eating less processed food and more whole grain products
·         Drinking a lot of water
·         Getting 8 hours of sleep
·         Getting screened for prostate and colon cancer regularly

Finding ways to stay fit is not difficult and it pays off in so many ways. Not only will you reduce the risk of the diseases above but you also lower your health insurance premium. It all starts with the right mind-set. Be willing to change old habits and ask your family to help you make new ones. I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to help. You can be an inspiration to them to live healthier. 

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