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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Age Management for Men

Men are known for neglecting their health. Some men think they are too old and some think they’re not old at all! To live a happy life of retirement, you have to know and accept how much you can do even if it’s not as much as you were once able to do. Here are a few encouraging tips for men as they age.

You’re not old:
If you’re the kind of man who is prone to call himself “old” and give up then that’s the first thing you need to change—your attitude. Aging is real but it is not a bad thing. It’s natural. It’s a new phase of life with its own challenges and joys. There are a lot of things you can do with your new found time but you just can’t let your mind tell itself that you’re old.

Find the new ‘You’:
You have to recognize that you are changing as a person and there are new hobbies you like now. Many older men and women find new hobbies in their retirement years. Some garden, some learn to swim and others might even take up playing basketball. Find something new to do and don’t feel bound to be who you were in your 20s. The chances are that you’ll enjoy a lot of new things and maybe even make a good group of friends.

Take care of your body:
You can count yourself blessed if you’re 60 and don’t have any health issues yet. Of course none of us can escape the usual aches and pains. The prostate problems men face will probably begin after age 60 and testosterone levels might drop undesirably low too. While you can get medication for these conditions, natural supplements are very effective. If you read about the supplement Ageless Male, you’ll find that it contains Testofen taken from the extract fenugreek seeds to increase testosterone levels naturally. You can read Ageless Male reviews later on too. Having lower levels of testosterone can make you feel weak, lose muscle and even feel depressed. While your levels might not be low enough to really treat but taking natural supplements is safe, ask your doctor.
But if you boil it down, taking care of your body as it grows older means changing your diet as well as exercising. Some of us are in better shape than others but we can all start small with a 10 minute walk and keep increasing the time. With food, you must not deprive yourself of your favorites but learn to eat differently—smaller portions, less carbs and more protein. Go whole grain and eat fewer white foods. You’ll be surprised that this simple change will help you have more energy throughout the day.

Life is short and you want to make the most of it with family and friends. Visit them often. Play, exercise, create memories and don’t forget to eat healthy. You don’t want to miss out of the best season of life.

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