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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Aging: It Doesn’t Define You

When men begin to feel the first signs of aging, they often give up. It’s like the world is over and everything fun was in the past. With little hope for the future, men deprive themselves of the joy they could have if they approached aging with the right perspective. Here’s what you have to keep in mind as you grow older.

Let’s start with the goals, the motivation to age well. For most men it’s their family. Aging doesn't mean you can’t have family time like you used to. Sure you might not be able to rough it out it the woods for a month but you can take a camping trip for 3 days. Your youth will always be more youthful than your present but you need to embrace the uniqueness of this season of life.
·         More Time: Once you’re a retired person, you have a whole lot more time. You can catch up with old friends, play with your grandkids  take the wife out on dates or picnics and learn to play bridge. You can pursue whatever hobby you feel like you didn't have time for when you were younger. Read, sharpen your mind, learn something new and enjoy this time.

·         More Money: You might not be a millionaire but you sure don’t have to struggle to make ends meet by this stage of life. The work is over and you can reap the benefits of some of that hard labor. You can even sleep longer…though the trouble now is falling asleep, isn't it?

·         More Family: Not only do you have more time and money but you also have more family. Your children have spouses and some have kids of their own whom you can spoil and visit. If you don’t have close family, you must reach out and make friends that are as good as family to you. Nurturing these relationships is just as important as finding those wonderful hobbies that keep your brain sharp.

Now the one thing you have to work at to be able to spend that time and money with family or close friends, you have to be healthy. Keeping good health is not easy but here are a few tips.
·         Take your pills: You’ll only make life harder by forgetting to take your pills. Set alarms and so whatever it takes to manage your medication for any pre-existing conditions.
·         Walk: If health doesn't permit you to do any rigorous exercise, at least walk. Walking in swimming pool or along a trail are both great. If you can manage more, do it—play soccer, bike, play racquetball, swim and do it regularly. You’ll feel the difference it will make to how energetic you feel.
·         Supplements: To feel more energetic, taking the supplements you need is important. Find good brands of prostate supplements. Natural testosterone supplements like Ageless Male are worth looking into. Read Ageless Male testimonials and you’ll probably make more friends on different forums.

With relationships you cherish and the ability to do fun things with those people, aging is very pleasurable. It’s not the beginning of the end but the beginning of a new beginning.

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