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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Testing your Testosterone Levels

Age catches up with all of us. All of a sudden you can’t wear what you used to wear, eat what you used to eat or do as much as you used to do. Why we have to go through this process is a question nobody is allowed to ask. In some aspects men have an easier time ageing. But women don’t have to put up with prostate problems or testosterone issues. Men don’t talk about it as much so few know that about how difficult aging can be for men. So we’re going to take the time to discuss testosterone levels in aging men. Hopefully after reading this article you’ll be more informed about testosterone and can make healthier choices.
What is a testosterone level test?
Men have greater amounts of testosterone in their bodies as compared to women and that’s why it’s called a male hormone. A hormone is an organic substance that is necessary for certain functions to be carried out. Testosterone has many different functions and it is responsible for the expression of many characteristics that society considers manly like facial hair.
But the sad news is that testosterone levels peak in a man’s teenage years and then begin to gradually decrease as he ages. If levels fall too low at any point, men begin to experience certain symptoms. That’s why it’s important for men past the age of 40 to have their blood tested for adequate testosterone levels annually.

What are some symptoms of low testosterone?
            There are a few hallmark symptoms of having low testosterone levels. One of the things men notice is a sudden drop in muscle mass. You might feel like you’re losing weight at an alarming rate. You might also feel a lack of energy and low libido if testosterone levels are really low. Some men seem to be more prone to be depressed too.

What foods and supplements can help improve testosterone levels?
While it is good to get your testosterone levels tested, remember that it is normal to have lower than teenage testosterone levels. Your doctor will probably ask you to do something about it only if your levels drop below a certain number which is not too common. The long-term effects of men taking artificial testosterone are not known so men should proceed with much caution.
If you do want to increase your testosterone levels naturally, you can have significant success by making a few lifestyle changes:
·         Eat more lean protein: Lean red meat, eggs and even black beans can boost testosterone levels.
·         Weight lift: Exercises like weight lifting have been found to be helpful in increasing the body’s ability to produce testosterone.
·         Natural supplements: Many natural supplements contain ingredients taken from nature that increase testosterone levels. They do not supply artificial testosterone but just help your own body make more. One of leading natural supplements is Ageless Male and reading Ageless Male reviews would help you understand how it works.  

So we hope that you can now better understand how to manage your testosterone levels. Having adequate testosterone will make the world of a difference in your energy levels throughout the day and your mood.

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  1. nice info about testosterone levels test. I'll let my husband read your article. This is one of his problem. I hope this will help him. thanks